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...and NSFW!


In commissioning me, you agree to the rules laid out in my Terms of Service.

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Main Commission Types


Your character(s) in a detailed environment.
ETA: 8 weeks.


...for one character in a setting and/or crowd.

+ $75 per extra character.

+ $10 per alt.


A detailed portrait of your character.
ETA: 3 weeks.


+ $5 per alt.


A fullbody illustration of your character.
ETA: 4 weeks.


...per character.

+ $10 per alt.


Transform and/or hypnotize your character in 3 shots!
ETA: 8 weeks.


...for three transformation and/or hypnosis stages.

+ $75 per extra stage.

+ $25 for animated eyes.

+ $10 per alt.

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On a budget? Want it fast?

Consider a colored sketch!

Sketchy Icon
ETA: 2 weeks

$30 /ea

Sketchy Pinup
ETA: 3 weeks

$50 /ea

Sketchy Scene
ETA: 6 weeks

$100 /ea
+ $40 per extra chara

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Looking for Something Different?

No problem!

Tell me about your unique idea or preferred style! I'll be happy to give you a custom quote and ETA for your specific request.

Ready to commission?

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Terms of Service

The Basics

You must be 18 or older to commission me for any art, SFW or NSFW.
In commissioning me, you acknowledge that you are 18 or older.

Please provide at least one visual reference for your character(s), if possible. Otherwise, your first commission will incur a 50% surcharge.

ETAs vary by complexity. I do not work with deadlines.

NSFW "Yes" List

I will draw...

  • AB/DL and diapers with adult characters.

  • Hypnosis.

  • Milking/Lactation.

  • Transformation/TF.

  • Scat.

  • Watersports/wetting.

  • Some dubcon. (Case-by-case)

  • General BDSM and sex.

  • Other “novelty” fetishes. (Case-by-case)

  • "Family" titles (Mommy, Daddy, ect.)

NSFW "No" List

Please do not contact me for...

  • Images of minors, SFW or NSFW.

  • Physical age regression.

  • NSFW scenes with very realistic animals.

  • NSFW scenes with trademarked characters.

  • Sexualized gore.

  • Explicit sexual non-con.

  • Explicit incest.

Client & Artist Rights

  1. The client may alter, print, and publicly share their commission for non-commercial use only. Fees for commercial rights can be discussed!

  2. I do not reproduce or resell clients' commissions. With few exceptions, they will remain one-of-a-kind images.

  3. I maintain copyright ownership over commissioned images. I may include commission work in portfolios, displays, and advertisements.

  4. I publicly display all commissions on social media. Please tell me if you'd like to be credited as Anonymous or tagged on a specific platform.


  1. The client must provide an email for me to invoice.

  2. Clients will receive their invoice after sketch approval.

  3. Once the invoice is sent, the client will have five days to pay. Please tell me if there are issues meeting this deadline. If you choose not to pay, your commission will be cancelled.

Process and Edits

  1. Prepayment: The client will receive a sketch of their commission. Large edits can be made upon request. Large edits may require additional fees after sketch approval.

  2. Post-payment: The client will receive a WIP of their commission after cleanup. Free edits can still be made to color and detail at this phase.

  3. A reasonable amount of edits can be made during any phase of the process. An extensive amount of edits will require additional fees.

  4. Once all revisions are approved, I'll deliver the finalized HD and 4K files. Then, the commission is considered finished!

Cancellation and Refunds

  1. Cancelling at Prepayment: If sketch progress has been made, you'll still be invoiced for up to 50% the total cost of your commission.

  2. Cancelling at Post-payment: I do not offer refunds at this phase.

  3. 90-Day Clause: If your commission isn't finished within 90 days since payment, I will honor any refund request.

  4. I may repurpose, edit, and monetize any cancelled commission.

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© Allikitti. All rights reserved.

AB/DL commissions

Will DrawWon't Draw
Adults, Adult BabiesMinors, Cubs (SFW and NSFW)
Mental Age RegressionPhysical Age Regression
Forced Diapering, Babying, and HypnoExplicit Sexual Non-Con
"Family" Titles (Mommy, Daddy, Bro, Auntie, ect)Explicit Incest
Dry, Wet, and Messy Diapers-


$200 per character in a setting or crowd.
+ $75 per extra chara
+ $10 per alt
ETA: 8 weeks.


+ $5 per alt
ETA: 3 weeks.

Sketchy Icon

+$5 per alt
ETA: 2 weeks.


$100 per chara
+ $10 per alt
ETA: 4 weeks.

Sketchy Pinup

$50 per chara
+ $10 per alt
ETA: 3 weeks.

Sketchy Scene

$100 per character in a setting or crowd.
+ $40 per extra chara
+ $10 per alt
ETA: 6 weeks.

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